All-Australian Company Optimum Silos Go Against the Grain to Uphold the Longstanding Reputation of the Cyclone. Meet SilOz.

With manufacturing leaving Australia and imported goods coming in by the boatload, Optimum Silos Directors, Joel and Peter Murphy, are bucking the trend to keep Australian manufacturing alive.

Aussie manufacturing is vital to our nation’s economy,” said Joel, “And we are thrilled to announce that Optimum Silo’s will takeover the production facility for Cyclone Silos under the new name, SilOz.

Optimum Silos in Jindera, NSW, has been a distributor of the Cyclone Silo for30years. When the Australian Government decentralised manufacturing of Cyclone silos in 1984, production moved from Newcastle to Jindera, and Joel and Peter are proud to retain local production. The region is renowned for manufacturing of quality grain storage.

“We are passionate about the brand, it’s quality and servicing farmers with the utmost integrity. SilOz will continue to be committed to providing a trusted product to deliver sealed silos to the Australian grain industry.”

“We know we can produce the highest quality product in Australia for Australian Grain Growers. The products we manufacture in Australia are made from a high level of Australian made steel products. We remain committed to supporting the Australian Manufacturing industry through our supply chains, which includes sourcing from the Port Kembla region from Bluescope Steel, which is considered one of the highest quality steels in the world.

The structural integrity of the SilOz silo meets Australian and European structural engineering standards focusing on sealed silos, safe access and safe mechanical equipment.In recent years, there have been significant design upgrades to meet the requirements of Australian grain growers and their production systems. Design focus was on high wind loading, structural integrity to allowing sealing silos, buildability, and high access standards.

Optimum offers unique features along with handling equipment which covers designs in Augers, Aeration, fumigation, and a spiral stair case, developed by Peter& Joel over the last 40 years.

“We endeavour to deliver the highest quality product on the market, with no compromise.” said Peter. “All of our valued SilOz agri-dealers will continue their great service ,delivering quality “turnkey” projects Australia-wide.”


Siloz has over 35 years experience in the agricultural industry.

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