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Unlock Seamless Storage Solutions with Siloz – The Future of Grain Storage

Farmers and Agronomists, prepare to revolutionize the way you store your harvest!

Introducing Siloz – the epitome of innovation in grain storage. Our large wall sheets not only provide a sleeker silhouette with fewer joins and bolts but offer a functional design advantage that sets us apart. With wide corrugation profiles, Siloz silos prevent the internal obstructions that cause “hang-ups”, safeguarding your grains from pests, fungi, and the ensuing spoilage or downgrade that can impact your hard-earned yields.

Crafted with pride on Australian soil, our silos boast of a robust, galvanised steel construction primarily sourced from local steel. Imagine a structure standing tall and strong against the elements, its heavy-duty build offering peace of mind as it diligently protects your investment. With a 30-degree roof pitch, our silos optimize storage capacity, ensuring that no space is wasted, and every grain is accounted for.

Safety and accessibility are paramount at Siloz. That’s why we’ve meticulously designed spiral staircases and ladders that meet the stringent Australian Standards. Since their introduction in 2019, the Optimum spiral staircase system has transformed access, combining practicality with the elegance of superior design. Whether it’s a standalone ladder or a shared platform bridging two silos, we prioritize your comfort and convenience.

Don’t let traditional storage systems restrict your operation’s potential. Visit Siloz’s website today to find out how our advanced storage solutions can enhance your grain management. Request your quote now and take the first step towards hassle-free, secure storage designed to stand the test of time.

Because at Siloz, we build more than just silos – we build the future of grain storage.

Siloz – Storing Success

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unlock seamless grain storage solutions with SilOz

Australian-made silos feature robust galvanized steel construction sourced locally.

Built from Australian steel, they are tailored for modern agriculture's demands.

SilOz Silos are sealed to the Australian Standards of AS2628 if installed to manufaturers guidelines

Fewer joins and bolts ensure a smoother grain management experience.

Wide corrugation profiles to safeguard grain from spoilage and downgrade.

Engineered to withstand tough conditions, ensuring secure storage and easy maintenance.

Experience the SilOz Difference – Your Grain, Our Commitment​

Made in Jindera NSW & designed for the harsh Australian conditions to meet Australian grain industry needs.

Designed for the safe storage of cereal grains including wheat, oats, barley, canola, chick peas, beans and many other grain types.

Designed and engineering to meet the Australian 1-in-200 year wind events.

the future of farm Efficiency is here - upgrade to SilOz's advanced technology today

Large wall sheets offer exceptional durability and superior design.

Sturdy design ensures protection against elements, optimizing storage capacity with a 30-degree roof pitch.

Wide corrugation profiles prevent internal obstructions, safeguarding grains from pests, fungi and other factors that can contribute to downgrade.

All flat bottom silos can be fitted with SilOz Spiral Staircase System, ladder or a shared platform to span between two adjoining silos, all which meet Australian Standard.

A multitude of SilOz Auger options available to suit.

Because at SilOz , we build more than just silos – we build the future of grain storage.

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Siloz has over 35 years experience in the agricultural industry.

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