Grain Corp – Boree Creek NSW

Boree Creek Grain Corp site was constructed from scratch in 1999.

There are 8 x 3000t Cyclone silos, rail outloading, road in and outloading x 2 and is all run off a PLC touch screen (the height of technology when installed).

All 8 silos can transfer grain to each other. The Site is rated at 250t/hr.

This site has had minimal maintenance required since being installed and has had plenty of grain through it, including rice in the early 2000s during the millennium drought.

The Late Hon Tim Fisher was at the opening of this project.

Director Joel Murphy recalls planting all the trees as part of the project, no doubt to keep him occupied when he was a grand age of 12.


Siloz has over 35 years experience in the agricultural industry.

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