At SilOz, we are thrilled to extend our renowned grain storage solutions to Temora and its surrounding areas. As an Australian family-owned business, we understand the critical role that secure grain storage plays in agriculture. Our SilOz brand, officially launched in July 2023, represents the pinnacle of quality and innovation. Our flat-bottom silos, ranging from 400 to 3000 tonnes, are expertly engineered to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. With gas-tight sealing meeting AS2628 standards and a focus on safety, our silos provide the perfect environment for storing various grains. The galvanized finish, large wall sheets, and heavy-duty construction of SilOz silos ensure optimal protection against spoilage and pests. Discover the SilOz advantage for your grain storage needs in Temora and experience the reliability and durability that comes with the SilOz name.


Siloz has over 35 years experience in the agricultural industry.

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